We offer many styles of canopies and lids for your Import truck. A cab-hi, semi hi-rise or Hi-rise cap. If you like the "sleek look" we offer a few models, depending on your budget and availability for your truck. There are many options available for canopies such as, boat racks, interior lights, carpet lining, side opening windows or "no windows" at all. Whether you have a 1992 Toyota or an older Izuzu or a 2005 Tacoma Crew cab or Nissans new Titan we will find a canopy for it. Please let us know your request.

Cab-hi canopy with top mount adjustable Yakima roof racks on a 2004 Nissan 4 door "Long box"

cab-hi canopy with "windoors"on Toyota
Hi Rise "Arrow" on Nissan short box
2005 Toyota Taccoma cab-hi canopy


     Arrow Mk1 on Ford Ranger


    Lo-rider Lid on 2004 Ranger shortbox


Cab hi canopy on Toyota Tundra with "over canopy" rack


Cab-hi canopy on 2004 Toyota Tundra 4 door


Cab-hi canopy on 2004 Ranger s/box





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